Tri County Gun Club

Carroll, Lee, Ogle and Whiteside Counties

Rules & Regs

Section 1 – Tri-County Gun Club – REGULATIONS

a. The Tri-County Gun Club, Inc., its Board of Directors, Officers, and other administrative and operating personnel are not responsible for accidents, injury, and personal property theft or damage occurring on club grounds.

b. Duplication of any club key is not allowed.

c. Club property must be respected and not intentionally damaged. Club property includes buildings, roads, trees, berms, range equipment, trap houses, target frames, target supports or mechanisms, incinerators, barrels, signs, all electrical equipment, etc.

d. Club property may not be removed from club grounds.

e. Property belonging to Special Members and organizations conducting matches using TCGC facilities may be left on club grounds, with the permission of a club officer, as long as it is properly identified and stored. TCGC will not be liable for this property, however, any club member damaging or removing this property from club grounds will be disciplined as if it were club property.

f. No alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs, nor anyone under the influence of same, are allowed on club grounds.

g. No hunting is allowed on club grounds.

h. No tracer, incendiary, or armor-piercing ammunition, nor illegal explosive devices are allowed on club grounds.

i. No full-automatic, multiple shot burst firearms or any firearm with a trigger activating device may be fired anywhere on club grounds, except by law enforcement agencies conducting a department scheduled training.

j. Special Members events shall take precedence over regular members when the range time has been scheduled for the Special Members.

k. Range maintenance and mowing take precedence over all shooting activities except scheduled events.

l.  Automatic Trap equipment is only available to scheduled events. You can bring a hand or foot-operated thrower and use the trap field during unscheduled times.

m. Memberships:

1.  All: Membership/Key cards issued give you access to the gate only, unless you are involved in producing an event, maintenance, training, etc.
2.  Annual, Spousal and Life Memberships.
A. New Members.

Must fully complete and submit the New Member Application Form with the correct dues, key fee and documentation (copies of his/her valid FOID card and current NRA membership card), to the Database Manager (online, mailed in or in person at a scheduled club meeting.
Upon receipt and review of the above, the Membership Secretary/Database Manager will provide the President or acting President, copies of all application packets for consideration at the monthly club meeting. He/she will also issue the applicant a receipt, club activities schedule and a copy of the club rules and regulations with the following conditions:
a.  An applicant may present in person, at the next scheduled club meeting their application, current NRA membership card and current FOID card for consideration.
b.  All membership applications presented will be voted on by those members present.
c.  The applicant(s) will either be granted full membership and issued their membership/key card or their application will be tabled for further discussion.
d.  If tabled, the officers will meet within one week after the club meeting to complete discussion and the applicant will either be granted full membership and their gate key mailed to them or will be advised that their application has been rejected and the reason/s for the rejection.
B.  Annual, Spousal and Life Members.
 Required identification while on club grounds: Each club member must have the following forms of identification on his/her person while on club grounds:

a.  Their current FOID card or CCL License.

b.  The current numbered membership/key card issued to them. The membership/key card must be displayed while on club property, with a lanyard or some other means of having it openly displayed.

2.  A club member must accompany their relatives and/or guests. The club member is responsible for their safety and conduct while on club grounds.

3.  Each member has the responsibility to produce all required identification at the request of another club member.

4.  Annually all members will receive a renewal notice, usually in late March or early April. It is your responsibility to check the data for accuracy and make any needed changes to your personal information, and return it to the Membership Secretary/Database Manager.

a.  All members (except Special Members) are required to produce a valid FOID card and current NRA membership information, either in person or copies mailed in with your renewal.

b.  It is important that you give a valid email address, as most club communications are disseminated through email or notices on our website.

c.  A valid phone number is required on your application.

d.  If you do not renew by the Monday after open house your membership/key card will be disabled in all locks.

C.  Special Memberships.

 Are not available to the general public. They are restricted to:

                  a.  Law Enforcement agencies.

                  b.  Corporations actively providing personnel to
                   law enforcement agencies or facilities requiring                          armed security.

                   c.  Fire Departments.

                   d.  Youth organizations who desire firearms                                education and training.
                   e.  Vendors

2.  The Board of Directors will determine dues and/or range fees for special members.

3.  Special member responsibilities are:
a.  To assign a single individual to be responsible and accountable to TCGC for,
b.  Reserving their range requirements with the club Range Director.
c.  Membership/key card/s assigned to them.
d.  Renewing their membership annually when they receive their renewal notice, in accordance with the club regulations.
e.  Ensuring that their agency or organization’s personnel understand and observe all club regulations and range rules while on club grounds, with the exception of non-applicable identification and guest requirements.


a.  Shooting hours for all ranges is between the hours of 8:00 am to 10:00 pm.

b.  Trap range:

 1.  Only legal shotguns may be used.

2.  No slugs may be fired

c.  Rifle range:

 1.  All legal firearms may be used (rifles, shotguns and handguns).

d.  Pistol bays:

1. All legal firearms may be used (rifles, shotguns and handguns), however, do not shoot rifles (except .22LR) or magnum handguns at any steel targets on any pistol range. WHAT THIS MEANS: DO NOT shoot any steel on any pistol range with a magnum handgun or a centerfire rifle!

e.  Targets:

 1.  Members must supply their own targets and target stands. WHAT THIS MEANS: we do not supply you with targets or stands to attach them to except in the 200 yd rifle pits. There are steel targets on some pistol bays and on the rifle ranges. Do Not use items found at the range for your target or target stand! Do Not lean or attach your target to existing targets. BRING YOUR OWN!

2.  Targets must be placed in such a manner that fired bullets will be stopped by the appropriate downrange berm, ricochets will be prevented, and no club or range equipment will be damaged. WHAT THIS MEANS: your bullets must strike the berm at the very end of the range you are using, not on the ground in front of it. To do this it is suggested that your targets are at least 5’ feet tall unless you are firing from a prone position. If you use low targets your bullets will likely strike the ground and could skip out of the range.

3.  Targets may not be placed on top of the downrange berms.

4.  The following types of targets are not allowed: glass, explosive containers, and any type of target that could cause damage to club or range equipment, environmental damage to club grounds, or personal harm to anyone on or in the vicinity of club grounds.

5.  When finished shooting, all non-burnable targets (including fragments) must be removed from the range and taken home for disposal. Burnable targets must be placed in the incinerators provided.  Only people pre-authorized by the club officers are allowed to set fires in these incinerators.

f.  Safety:

 1.  Shooters and spectators must use eye and ear protection.

2.  It is the EVERYONE’S responsibility to make sure the firing line is safe before ANYONE goes forward of the firing line, FOR ANY REASON. NO EXCEPTIONS!

3.  It is the shooter’s responsibility to keep the muzzle of the firearm pointed downrange at all times.

4.  All firearms are to be unloaded, with actions open, before anyone moves forward of the firing line.

5.  When anyone is forward of the firing line to inspect or set targets no firearms will be handled in any manner.

6.  Shooting platform on hill above range 2, is for use by guards and law enforcement organized training only.


a.  If a member observes any club range rule or regulation being violated, the following steps should be taken:

1.   Write down the vehicle license plate number/s of the violators along with the date, time of day and a detailed description of the violation/s. If you can, safely get a name and/or member number from their key card.

2.  Forward the information to the club President, who will evaluate the circumstances and determine if action should be taken.

b.  If the President decides action should be taken in the matter, the following steps will be taken:

1. Identification of the violator/s will be established using any means possible.

2.  If the violator/s are club members, they will be notified to appear at a meeting of the Board of Review. At this meeting the violator/s must present their current TCGC membership/key card, current NRA membership card, and current FOID card.  After hearing from the violator/s, the officers will decide what action/s will be taken.

3.  If the violator/s are not club members, the President will notify the proper legal authorities, of the violation and request that appropriate action be pursued. The President will also request the authorities to advise him/her of the final disposition.