Tri County Gun Club

Carroll, Lee, Ogle and Whiteside Counties

CMP – Civilian Marksmanship Program

Tri-County Gun Club Civilian Marksmanship Program
Garand/Springfield/Vintage/Modern Military Matches

Date of Match: 2024 Matches: April 27th May 25th, July 20th, August 18th, September 21st, and October 19th.

Registration: 8:15 AM to 8:45 AM
Firing Starts: 9:00 AM
We anticipate matches should be completed by 11:00-11:30 AM

Rules: Matches will be conducted in accordance with the Current Edition of CMP Competition Rules.
Competitors and other personnel who are on the firing line during this event are required to wear appropriate eye and hearing protection.
A safety flag (ECI) must be inserted in your rifle chamber at all times (whether
cased or uncased), except during preparation and firing periods.

Competition open to: Any eligible competitor. You need not be a member of the NRA, CMP, or the sponsoring club. All competitors must complete a notarized “Eligibility
Affidavit and Liability Agreement” at registration time or present one at registration.

All matches are CMP sanctioned matches.
Matches are 30 rounds for record, plus 5 sighters. 35 rounds total

Course of fire: G-S-V-MM Course A:
• Sighters (5 rounds in 5 minutes)
• Slow fire, prone (10 rounds in 10 minutes)
• Rapid-fire, standing to prone (10 rounds in 80 seconds) 1 reload required
• Slow fire, standing (10 rounds in 10 minutes)

Rifle classes for matches will be:

As Issued Garand: per CMP rules

Springfield: 1903 or 1903A3 per CMP rules

Vintage: US model 1917, US 30-40 Krag, or an as-issued foreign military rifle (bolt action or straight pull only)

Modern Military:
Class A: AR-15, iron sights / 7.5 lb weight limit
Class B: M1A, FN Scar17S, FN-FAL, SVT, AK47, SKS, HK 91/93, FN-49 with iron sights and weight limits per CMP rules.

Unlimited Modern Military: Class A or Class B rifles with optical (scope of 4.5X maximum, can be taped at 4.5X if variable power, and max 34mm objective lens) or reflex sights and/or do not fall within Class A or Class B weight limits.

Unlimited M1 Garand: National Match Garands, NM sights, synthetic bedding, shims, modified handguards, .308 caliber, etc. Any Garand that does not fully comply with CMP Rule 4.2.2 for As-Issued Garands.

CMP Achievement Award pins will be awarded for Garand, Springfield, Vintage Military, and Modern Military classes (i.e. AR-15, M1A, etc).

Entry Fees:
• $15 per match, $5 per match for juniors (ages 12 to 17)

Participants of CMP sanctioned clinics or GSVMM matches receive a certificate, that along with membership of an affiliated club or organization (TCGC is a CMP affiliated club), become eligible to purchase rifles/pistols and ammunition from the CMP.

Equipment needed to participate:
Rifle in safe operating condition
Extra Enbloc clips, Stripper clips, or magazines
Safety Flag (ECI), can be provided if needed
35 rounds (minimum) of any safe ammunition. A few extra rounds is always a good idea!
NO tracer, armor-piercing, or incendiary type ammunition or projectiles may be used.
Eye and Hearing protection required.

Shooting mats, gloves, spotting scopes, slings, shooting coats, shooting stools, sweat rags, snacks, drinks, and other shooting accessories are encouraged but not provided.

added 7/22/2022

“CMP Non-Sanctioned bench match. We will now be including a non–sanctioned bench match shot at the same time as the CMP sanctioned matches.

Shooters that are not interested in, or able to, shoot from the various positions may now shoot their military-style rifles from the bench.

These shooters will be eligible for CMP achievement awards (Gold, Silver, Bronze) the same as sanctioned shooters.

The course of fire will be the same as the sanctioned portion including number of rounds fired, time limits, etc.  Bench shooter award scores will be 10 points higher in each rifle category.

Front rest, sandbag, etc IS allowed. NO rear bags or rests are allowed. 

If the various positions of a sanctioned match just aren’t fun anymore here’s a less painful way to still give that military-style rifle a workout and have some fun doing it.”


General Information: For information or questions contact: Scott at 815-732-7203 or go to Click on the “CMP Rifle Matches”, button.

Please join us for a couple of hours of fun and see what your old (or new) warhorse can do.

All TCGC and CMP Regulations and Rules of Safety and Common Sense Apply.