Tri County Gun Club

Carroll, Lee, Ogle and Whiteside Counties


Tri County Gun Club is a “Cold” Range. You can unbag and handle your firearm(s) only in a Safety Area or under the direct supervision of a range officer. There are numerous Safety Areas at our facility. You may work on your firarm(s), take sight pictures and dry fire (in a safe direction). NEVER handle live or dummy ammunition while in a Safety AREA – That is viewed as a MATCH DISQUALIFICATION.

No. You can shoot our matches but you can not become classified unless     you do. You will be put in the “Unclassified” category at registration and     will be competing against the best shooters at the match, not those of     similar skills. We recommend becoming a member of USPSA. We have membership     information available at our matches and will help you get registered.     Current annual membership is $40

A division is a grouping of similar firearms.

The match fee for our regular monthly matches is $25. You can shoot the pistol stages only for $15 or pistol and 1 long gun for $20. All levels include lunch.

Our monthly matches usually have 5 pistol stages (1 from the national classification book), 2 rifle stages and 2 shotgun stages.

Round count will run about 100-150 pistol, 50-80 rifle, and 30-50 shotgun (you may need 15-20 slugs for some matches).

We will try to squad you together, most of the time we can, not always.

One of the best places is you will find titles like How do I get started”, “Where can I find more info.” A copy of the rulebook (top tab) is on USPSA web, it is downloadable. This will help you determine what class your equipment will fit into or what equipment you need as well as most other info that we use to run our matches.

Please come join us. Every one of us started the same way. I think you will find the people at our matches are very understanding and helpful.

If you have other questions you can email