Tri County Gun Club

Carroll, Lee, Ogle and Whiteside Counties

Online Membership Application

First, Are you looking to become a member of the POLO, ILLINOIS, Tri County Gun Club? There are at least 3 Tri County Gun Clubs in the United States.

This form is for New Members, Annual Renewals, Information Update for life members and Officers/BOD. We added a new type of membership last year. We now have a “Spousal Membership”.

A regular membership allows you to take your family or friends (up to 3 times for the same friend) to the club to shoot but none of them can use your card to come to the club without you present.

The Spousal Membership includes an additional keycard for your spouse. They will then be able to go the the club and bring family or guest with them without you having to attend. They will need to understand that they then become the responsible person for not only themselves but for any guest that accompany them.

This form WILL NOT allow you to enter work credit hours, you will have to use the paper form.

We will process your membership and send out your credentials as soon as possible after all required documentation (copies of IL FOID for IL residents only, NRA membership card, all members) is in our hands. If we do not receive ALL of your documentation and FULL payment, YOUR APPLICATION WILL NOT BE PROCESSED! All New Member applications must be voted on by our membership for final approval. You will be listed as a pending member until this final approval. The vote takes place at our normal monthly business meeting, usually held on the first Monday of the month. You are welcome to attend the meeting. Figuring the amount you owe and when your membership should become active; If you have your application turned in by the 20th of the month, you should click on the current month. If it is later than that we can not guarantee that your application will be processed by the end of the month and you should click on the next month. If you apply for a “Full Year (March/April/May)” membership for $210. This membership would be good till 4/30 of the next year.